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1905 – The Guest Book of Fish Rock Camp, inscription on Aug. 2, first entry in the book,
reads:  “rebuilt and erected by our friend Wm. C. Hill 1904-05”  William Corbitt Hill was an 1884
Princeton graduate and worked for many years in New York City as an engineer with the firm
Sturgis and Hill.  The Seligmans apparently hired him to oversee rapid reconstruction of Fish
Rock after the fire.
1904 –  Shortly after the fire, Fish Rock was robbed.  (Source:  New York Times, Aug.29, 1904.
Read the article at
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1904 -- Aug. 20 issue of the New York Tribune also carried a front page story about the fire at
Fsh Rock Camp the night before. The story included a photo of the original camp with a credit line
that read: “By Courtesy of the New Era Illustrated magazine.” Read the Tribune article at
this link.
1904 -- Aug. 20 issue of the New York Times carried a front page story about a fire that
destroyed most of Fish Rock Camp the night before.
Read the story.
1904 -- New Era Illustrated Magazine 5 (August 1904);292-297 "Adirondack Camps: Luxurious
Summer Homes of Prominent New Yorkers," from the "Hebrew" magazine,  carried an extensive
feature story with pictures about Adirondack great camps owned by Jewish families from New
York city.  One photo shows Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Seligman standing by a well at Fish Rock and
another shows an early photo of Calumet. Read the article and see the photos at  
this link.
1898 – Arnold W. Brunner designed a house for Isaac N. Seligman's brother,  Edwin R.A.
Seligman, in New York City.
1897 – June 27, 1897 New York Times article includes this reference:  “Isaac N. Seligman’s
camp is on Upper Saranac Lake…”
1894 --  Brunner is an usher at the Seligman-Guggenheim wedding. (Source: Samuel Gruber,
preservation consultant and host of the blog at
http://samgrubersjewishartmonuments.blogspot.com/  Gruber is a specialist on the work of
c1904 -- Family photo of young Margaret Seligman, bottom, her parents, Ike and Guta Seligman,
upper left, and Guta's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Soloman Loeb at Fish Rock Camp.
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1905 -- William C. Hill penned a poem  Aug. 2, 1905 in the Fish Rock Guest Book to commemorate
his completion of the job of rebuilding the camp in a single year following the fire of the summer
before.  It must have been a difficult job.  He speaks of conquering "the fierceness of the North".  Read
Hill's poem at
this link.
Photo of William Corbit Hill
Courtesy of Princeton University Library
1899-- Guests sign the Wenonah guest book listing Calumet Camp as their address.  This
pushes back the known founding date for Calumet by at least five years from previously
confirmed accounts in New Era Illustrated Magazine, August, 1904.