Who we are

Sekon Association is a homeowner association representing property owners of
camps (vacation homes) on Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of
New York.  The properties include many historic buildings dating to the Great
Camp era.

"As Close to Family as it Gets"...Long May It Be So
In a letter of thanks for a Sekon photo album shared, one longtime member wrote
in Fall, 2011, that the album "captured so many beautiful shots of the character
and personality of the place (and I do mean characters).  I love the photos of the
meetings, too.  These people are the salt of the earth.  And it comes through
clearly.  As close to family as it gets."
Site overview
This site is meant to be a tool for the Sekon board and members.  Its purpose is
to provide a central source for community documents such as bylaws, minutes of
meetings, rental rules, contact information, community news, a calendar of
events, history of the former great camp and useful links.
Sekon Association
An Adirondack Community
Sekon News Briefs:
Webcam link
For a quick link to the USLA web cam, click here.
Find Older News Briefs and Photo Links

  • Older news briefs and photo links can be found by clicking on this link to an archive page.
Our History Page

Check out Our History tab for postings about the history of Sekon, originally Fish
Rock Camp.  The Sekon Lodge memory book has been digitized and uploaded.  
Also find there a digital copy of Warren Longacker's
A History of Sekon and Its
 We have added timeline pages (link on top of Our History page)
which include historic highlights and links to many old newspaper clippings,
illustrations and documents.
Harrietstown Zoning Code
For a quick link to a searchable copy of the Harrietstown
zoning code,
click here.
2012 Minutes Posted

Minutes for the July 7, 2012 Sekon Annual Meeting are posted on the Board page.  They
will be considered for approval at the 2013 annual meeting.  
Dog Barking Problems
To report nuisance dog barking, call Lena Bombard,
Harrietstown Dog Control Officer at 891-0016.  A polite call to
the dog owner first, if known, would be appreciated.
Helpful Links and Info:
Work Weekend 2012

Volunteers worked Saturday, Sept 22, 2012, to get Sekon ready for
the winter.  They moved sand at the beach back behind a wooden
barrier so that it will not erode over the winter. Mike Brennan once
again took on the cold task of bringing in the swim float. Other
volunteers put away all the toys, chairs and other items at the beach,
took down the new dock stairs for winter storage and thoroughly  
weeded the leach field.  Many thanks to those contributed their labor,
including  Fred Schwartz, Eileen and Bill Mansfield, Carleen Crispo,
Stu and Bunnie Lyon, Tom Curley, Mike Brennan, Pat Hogan, Linda
Szot, Warren and Mary Longacker and their son Warren.  Marsha
Stanley and Tom Curley provided dinner for the work crew that
evening.  Click
here for pictures taken on work day.
another highly successful Sekon Steak Roast.  Many thanks to all
who made it happen.